AI Technology in U.S. Schools: Why Some Are Banning It and Others Are Embracing It

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is becoming commonplace in schools across the United States. From providing automated grading to offering personalized learning, AI technology is making its presence known in educational settings. Recently, some school districts have decided to go so far as to ban AI technology, while others have embraced it.

In the past few years, school districts in states such as California and Arkansas have decided to ban AI technology. In many of these cases, the decision to prohibit AI technology in schools was based on potential cheating concerns. AI-based automated grading systems, for example, could allow students to scam the system by copying their classmates’ work or using bots to complete projects.

At the same time, other schools and school districts are embracing AI technology. NBC News’ Jacob Ward says, “Teachers are finding that AI can help students learn better and faster.” AI technology can be used to personalize instruction and can also provide useful insights into students’ preferences, interests, and abilities. For example, AI-based systems can track student performance and present lessons tailored to their specific needs.

Another way AI technology is embraced in school settings is through chatbots. Chatbots can be used to answer student questions and can help reduce the time teachers spend responding to student inquiries. They can also provide personalized feedback, helping guide students toward more successful outcomes.

Ultimately, AI technology can provide several benefits in educational settings. However, it is important that schools and school districts carefully consider the potential risks associated with using AI technology and ensure that any such technology is implemented ethically and responsibly. While some schools and school districts have chosen to ban AI technology due to concerns about potential cheating, others have chosen to embrace it for its potential to help students learn.

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