Air India Adopts Coruson Cloud Software to Enhance Flight Safety Management

Air India announced on Monday that it would be utilizing the UK-headquartered software company Ideagen’s enterprise cloud software application Coruson to help enhance safety management and facilitate real-time reporting of in-flight incidents. This news comes in the wake of three cases of unruly passenger behavior on two international flights last year, for which the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) imposed penalties on the airline due to certain reporting lapses.

The Coruson software is an enterprise cloud solution designed to help organizations improve their safety management systems by providing real-time performance monitoring, analytics, and reporting. The software is also designed to ensure that the airline’s crew and other stakeholders are informed about any situation, such as an incident in-flight, and that relevant safety protocols are followed. Air India believes that the Coruson software will enable it to implement a comprehensive safety management system to reduce the risk of any potential incidents in-flight.

The Coruson software is designed to enable airlines to track and document all safety reports and incidents in flight and also enable them to review and analyze these reports in real time. This will help Air India to better identify, track, and monitor potential issues and take corrective measures to prevent further incidents. Additionally, the software will help Air India better to track the safety performance of its aircraft and crew, enabling it to identify any areas of weakness and make improvements.

In implementing the Coruson software, Air India hopes to improve the safety of its passengers and crew and improve its overall safety management system by ensuring that any in-flight incidents are reported and tracked in real time. By adopting the Coruson software, Air India believes it can provide a safer and more secure flying experience for its passengers while also gaining greater efficiency in its safety management system.

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