Beaches will be Powered with AI Robots to Save Lives

Goa in Indian region is known for its expansive beaches and white sands, making it a favorite among tourists. Unfortunately, the vastness of these beaches has made it difficult for lifeguard organizations like Drishti Marine to adequately protect beachgoers, leading to numerous beach-related incidents in the past two years.

In an effort to improve safety on Goan beaches, Drishti Marine has recently introduced two AI-powered technologies, Aurus and Triton, that will assist lifeguards in their roles. Aurus is a self-driving robot that patrols non-swim zones and informs beachgoers when the tide is high. Triton is an AI-powered monitoring system that uses cameras to assess and detect risks, and can share real-time information with on-duty lifeguards.

The introduction of Aurus and Triton marks a major milestone for the safety of Goan beaches. With the help of AI-powered technology, lifeguards are now better equipped to quickly respond to potential dangers, preventing tragic accidents that have plagued the region.

In addition to preventing beach-related incidents, the introduction of AI-powered technology is also expected to improve crowd management on the beaches, ensuring that the region remains a safe and enjoyable destination for tourists, locals, and lifeguards alike.

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