Built Robotics Acquires Roin Technologies to Expand beyond Autonomous Earthmoving

Built Robotics, a San Francisco-based venture-backed company, announced today that it has acquired Roin Technologies, a Y Combinator-backed startup focused on autonomous earthmoving.

The acquisition marks an important milestone for the company, as it looks to expand beyond its core self-driving tractor operation into the broader construction market. Built Robotics plans to leverage Roin’s expertise in developing autonomous robotic systems to provide solutions for various construction tasks.

Built Robotics is primarily focused on autonomous self-driving tractors, which it first launched in early 2020. The company has since developed a range of autonomous solutions for different types of earthmoving, including grading, excavation, and road building. With the addition of Roin Technologies, the company hopes to expand its offerings and provide solutions for more complex construction tasks.

Roin Technologies was founded in 2017 and is backed by Y Combinator. The company has developed and tested various autonomous robotic solutions for construction tasks, such as road and tunnel construction. The company also offers a suite of software solutions to control and monitor these robots and a mobile application for remote control.

The acquisition of Roin Technologies will give Built Robotics access to the company’s autonomous robotic solutions and software solutions and its experienced engineering team. The company plans to use these resources to expand its autonomous offering for construction tasks and further develop its existing solutions.

The move is the latest in a string of acquisitions for Built Robotics, as the company looks to expand its offerings and become a major player in the autonomous construction industry. By combining the capabilities of Roin Technologies with its existing technologies, Built Robotics is well-positioned to become a major player in the space.

Built Robotics’ acquisition of Roin Technologies is a significant step forward for the autonomous construction industry, as it looks to expand its capabilities and provide more complex solutions for construction tasks. The acquisition provides Built Robotics with access to the company’s engineering team and solutions and a platform to develop its existing solutions further. This will enable Built Robotics to become a major player in the space, as it looks to provide a comprehensive suite of autonomous solutions for construction tasks.

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