City Trials Automated Video Ticketing to Fine Drivers Blocking Cycle Routes

The city of Nice in France is trialing a new form of video ticketing that automatically detects vehicles blocking cycle routes. Over the next three months, they will be testing the software in nine areas of the city where many infractions occur.

Nice is equipped with 3,900 cameras per square meter and 73 km of bike lanes, making them the most well-equipped city in France for this type of enforcement. The software can detect both two-wheelers and cars/trucks parked in the bike lanes. After one minute of detection, an operator of the Urban Surveillance Center (CSU) will be notified and able to validate the infraction.

Since the start of the trial in December, an average of 50 infractions per day have been identified. This is a positive move for the city, which aims to reduce the number of cyclists blocked on the roads. It also helps to keep the roads safe and clear of obstructions.

The city hopes this trial will be successful and eventually be implemented on a larger scale. The trials have been well-received by the residents and cyclists, who are glad to see a step being taken in the right direction toward better enforcement.

Not only does this new form of video ticketing help reduce the number of obstructions on the cycle routes, but it also sends out a message to drivers that blocking bike paths is unacceptable. This will hopefully lead to improved road safety for cyclists and pedestrians.

This trial will likely continue and be expanded to other cities in France, should it be successful. This new form of video ticketing is the way forward for cities looking to reduce the number of cycle route obstructions and improve safety for cyclists on the roads.

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