Climate Tech Firm Doconomy Acquires Financial Wellbeing Fintech Dreams

Swedish climate tech start-up Doconomy has recently made a major move in the industry, acquiring the financial wellbeing fintech Dreams Technology to offer their financial institution partners behavioural science-driven modules for climate-smart savings, debt management, and investments.

Dreams Technology’s platform is based on behavioural science, providing customers with ways to boost digital engagement and financial well-being. This acquisition marks the first to bridge the gap between behavioural economics and climate impact. Doconomy claims it will incorporate the platform into its existing suite of environmental impact measurement tools.

The acquisition itself was made for an undisclosed sum, but this move is a major step forward for both Doconomy and the industry. Doconomy will now be able to offer more comprehensive climate-smart savings and investments to customers, while Dreams Technology’s proprietary platform can now be used to strengthen the overall industry further.

The acquisition is the latest example of how climate tech is rapidly evolving. More companies and start-ups are entering the industry and investing in technology that will help create a better, more sustainable future. With more and more focus being placed on climate tech, we’ll likely see similar acquisitions in the coming years as companies look to innovate and stay ahead of the curve.

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