CureSee: Revolutionizing Vision Therapy with AI-Based Software

CureSee, a digital health company, is revolutionizing the field of vision therapy with its innovative AI-based vision therapy software. Recently, the company was featured on Shark Tank India, where its software was presented to a panel of sharks. The software received an enthusiastic response, and the panel of sharks expressed their interest in investing in the product.

The CureSee team, consisting of Co-founder & CEO Puneet, Co-founder & CTO Jatin Kaushik, and Co-founder & COO Amit Sahni, demonstrated the power of their software on the popular reality show. The software utilizes advanced AI technology to provide personalized and effective vision therapy to people with amblyopia, a condition affecting millions worldwide. The CureSee software has been designed to provide a personalized treatment plan to each patient, which is tailored to their specific needs.

The CureSee software is unique in that it can be used in the comfort of a patient’s home without needing to visit a therapist or specialist. The AI-based software helps patients accurately diagnose their condition, determine the best treatment plan, and track their treatment progress. Additionally, the software also provides reminders to patients when they need to complete their vision therapy exercises, thus helping them to stay on track.

The CureSee software is already being used in the USA, UK, and India, with plans to expand to other countries soon. The company is also currently working to develop an app for the software, which would make it even more accessible to people worldwide. With its revolutionary AI-based software, CureSee is paving the way for better vision therapy and helping millions of people with amblyopia to see the world clearly.

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