We follow strict policies for all press releases and data published on BoardcastNewsRelease.com. It is monitored and approved by human editors of the company.

Further, the PR or any data published is only based on what companies and individuals submit and doesn’t involve any of BoardcastNewsRelease.com’s editorial opinion or review. Hence, the website takes no responsibility and disclaims the information in press releases across our network. Some press releases may need to be clearer at first reading with additional explanation. In such a case, you should contact the press release author or mail us through the contact us page, either the company or the individual listed as the contact on the press releases itself, with any additional questions regarding the information presented on their press release.

BoardcastNewsRelease.com has zero tolerance towards objectable and controversial PR materials published on our network. Any PR material found to be involved in a dispute, in one way or another and is having one, or more complaints received at our platform against it supported with enough evidence that clearly shows it is harmful, even in a small way, to the interest of 3rd parties is ground for taking the respective press release permanently down.

Featured (paid) press releases subject to those complaints and, as a consequence, taken down from BoardcastNewsRelease.com are not eligible to receive refunds or credits back. There is no ground for crediting back for press releases our staff worked on incurring expenses for the company and later being taken down due to legitimate complaints. Those press releases have manually been crafted out, media have been carefully chosen and added to; contextual links have been embedded in; PDFs, DOCs, and print versions have also been created, and all press releases have been published across our entire network, our forum and blog(s) as well as on third party social media outlets. Service has been ordered and rendered; accordingly, no refund or credit can be issued in cases where the client’s PRs are involved in any dispute with 3rd party. Upon receiving a legitimate complaint against those PRs, we must take them down from all places BoardcastNewsRelease.com has published them on, which has “out of pocket” expenses incurred for the company to do so.

Repetitive abusers may face all or any of the following:

1) Aside from not issuing refunds or credits back for press releases being worked on and later taken down due to legitimate complaints, any repetitive abuser may also have their account frozen and any unused credits (pre-paid featured press release) left in the account may also be held to cover the expenses for taking those PRs down from all over the Web where broadcastnewsrelease.com has submitted those PRs to;

2) BoardcastNewsRelease.com may also ban such repetitive abusers, their companies, group of individuals, and the IP addresses and credit cards associated with those press releases and payments from further using BoardcastNewsRelease.com for putting up either free or paid press releases.

3) Furthermore, BoardcastNewsRelease.com may also consider publishing all complaints, including all supporting materials and evidence, received against those press releases on our network, that way clearing up our name to the public.

Should you have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at info [at] BoardcastNewsRelease.com. Additionally, you should get familiar with our terms and conditions before using our platform.