EV Innovation & Technology Conference in Canada focused in Zero-Emission Automotive Supply Chain

The EV Innovation & Technology Conference, held in Toronto by Electric Autonomy and NGen, was a day to celebrate Canada’s advantages in the race to develop the country’s EV economy potential. Leaders from across the electric vehicle value chain – from manufacturers to suppliers to government officials – discussed the opportunities and challenges facing the industry, and the urgency of taking immediate action to ensure these strengths are maximized.

The conference kicked off with an overview of the current state of the electric vehicle market in Canada, with an emphasis on the government’s goal of a complete zero-emission automotive supply chain. Speakers discussed the importance of developing infrastructure, incentives, and policies that are supportive of EV production, as well as the need to invest in research and development.

Industry leaders were also keen to discuss pain points in the current EV value chain. These included the need to reduce costs, build consumer confidence in EVs, and develop reliable supply chains for parts and batteries. The latter is especially critical, as battery cost is still the major obstacle to greater EV adoption.

The conversation then shifted to focus on the role of innovation in accelerating the electric vehicle market. This encompasses both developing better EV technologies, such as autonomous driving, and creating the tools to support EV-ownership. Examples include charging infrastructure and the data to support it, as well as software to enable efficient EV maintenance.

Finally, the day concluded with a discussion on the importance of collaboration between industry, government, and non-profits, to ensure that all parties have the resources they need to succeed in driving the EV market forward.

Overall, the conference highlighted the importance of Canada retaining its leadership in the electric vehicle industry. This requires taking action to ensure the country’s advantages are maximized, while addressing the pain points that stand in the way of greater EV adoption. With the right collaborations and investments in advanced technology, Canada is well-positioned to become a global market leader in the electric vehicle sector.

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