Exclusive: NTT Ltd. Continues to Lead in IT Infrastructure

NTT Ltd. is one of the world’s most well-known IT infrastructure and services companies, powering over 65% of the Fortune Global 500 and more than 75% of the Fortune Global 100. It’s one of the largest Data Center operators globally and recently became part of the NTT DATA conglomerate, a USD 30 billion IT services provider.

The foundation of NTT Ltd. is the edge-to-cloud ecosystem of networks, cloud, and applications, with 5,000 clients in more than 200 countries and regions. The company was founded in July 2019, with the merger of 31 distinct brands, including Dimension Data, NTT Security, and NTT Communications. Across the Asia-Pacific region, seven different companies were brought together to create the NTT Ltd. of today, with more than 12,000 employees in the same region.

One of the more notable recent case studies NTT Ltd. has is the deployment of its Private 5G network in the City of Las Vegas. This new network provides high-speed, low-latency, and secures connections for both businesses and citizens. NTT Ltd. and the City of Las Vegas collaborated to design, build and deploy the network, with NTT Ltd. providing its expertise and end-to-end services for the project.

The network allows for improved access to services, applications, and data, enhancing Las Vegas citizens’ quality of life. It also allows the city to develop new applications and services and explore new use cases of 5G technology. NTT Ltd.’s Private 5G network is just one example of the many projects the company is working on, showcasing its ability to deliver innovative solutions.

NTT Ltd. is embracing the latest technologies, such as 5G, and applying them to the world’s most complex networks, helping to improve the customer experience. Its commitment to innovation, customer service, and support makes it a leader in the industry.

With the ever-increasing demand for digital transformation, NTT Ltd. will continue to be a major contributor to the world of IT infrastructure, developing new technologies and solutions to help businesses and governments succeed.

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