Google’s AI Chatbot Bard Falls Flat: What Analysts Are Saying

The market value of Google’s parent company, Alphabet, dropped by more than $100 billion after its newly-launched AI chatbot, Bard, presented incorrect information in the commercial. This AI chatbot was supposed to challenge the AI industry’s current leader, Microsoft’s ChatGPT, in the AI search market. However, the AI chatbot failed to live up to expectations, causing Alphabet’s market value to plummet significantly.

Analysts have been quick to criticize Bard’s performance, citing several potential issues with the AI chatbot:
They point out that the AI chatbot could not respond accurately to questions posed to it in the commercial.
They note that the AI chatbot needed more information on how it would respond to Microsoft’s ChatGPT challenge.
They expressed concerns about the accuracy of the AI chatbot’s answers, particularly regarding complex questions.

Despite the criticism, some analysts remain optimistic about Bard’s potential to become a major player in the AI search market. The AI chatbot has yet to be tested in a live environment, so it may improve its performance. The AI chatbot could still succeed if it can be integrated into Alphabet’s other services, such as Google Assistant and Gmail.

In addition to Bard’s potential, some analysts also highlight the potential of Google’s AI search event. They note that the event could provide insights into how Google will approach the AI search market. Furthermore, the event could provide valuable information about the performance of Google’s AI search products, such as its voice search and natural language processing capabilities.

Ultimately, the performance of Google’s AI chatbot Bard has raised many questions about the future of the AI search market. Analysts have criticized Bard’s performance and questioned Google’s commitment to the AI search market. However, some remain optimistic that Bard and Google’s other AI search products could succeed if they continue refining their technologies. Only time will tell if Google’s AI chatbot can compete with Microsoft’s ChatGPT in the AI search market.

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