Habitat Services signed up with VitalHub to License the TREAT Software

VitalHub Corp. announed the licensing of the Company’s proprietary TREAT Client Information System to Habitat Services (“Habitat”).

Habitat Services is a Toronto-based non-profit housing agency and has been utilizing VitalHub’s Pirouette case management software for many years. Habitat Services is part of the Toronto Mental Health and Addictions Access Point network, consisting of 50 service providers. They are responsible for funding, monitoring, and supporting 980 beds/units in boarding homes and self-contained apartment buildings at various locations throughout the City of Toronto.

The TREAT Client Information System is a robust, cloud-based platform that provides a comprehensive view of client data, giving service providers the ability to track and monitor the progress of individuals in their care. The platform also allows for assessment of treatment outcomes, and to ensure that every client is receiving the best possible care.

The TREAT System will provide Habitat Services with a comprehensive view of clients’ housing history, allowing them to make well-informed decisions about housing placements. Additionally, the platform’s real-time analytics and reporting features will enable Habitat Services to identify opportunities for improvement and to maximize efficiency.

The licensing of the TREAT System to Habitat Services marks a significant milestone for VitalHub, as it highlights the Company’s commitment to providing best-in-class technology solutions to organizations that are dedicated to making a positive social impact. This multi-year licensing is a testament to VitalHub’s increasing focus on the non-profit sector and its commitment to creating value for its clients through innovative technology.

As a prominent player of cloud-based healthcare technology solutions, VitalHub is well positioned to provide organizations like Habitat Services with the technology they need to improve healthcare outcomes. With the TREAT System, VitalHub is confident that Habitat Services will see an improvement in their operational performance, and be able to provide better services and housing for those in need.

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