Hylobiz Launches Indonesian Business with Accurate and Brankas

Hylobiz, a B2B supply chain fintech, has announced its launch in Indonesia in partnership with Accurate and Brankas. This joint venture provides an integrated fintech ecosystem that empowers MSMEs to manage their cashflow efficiently.

The partnership between Hylobiz, Accurate, and Brankas will enable MSMEs in Indonesia to get paid on time and further improve their cash flow. This comprehensive solution includes a suite of financial and business tools to make the invoice collection process smoother and more efficient.

The primary highlights of this integration are
– the seamless linking of ERP and bank accounts to Hylobiz,
– digitization of invoice collections,
– faster invoice collection,
– auto reconciliation, and
– automated invoice reminders.
– It also provides users with real-time tracking of payments via dashboards and reports.

The launch of Hylobiz in Indonesia has been welcomed by businesses of all sizes, particularly MSMEs. By leveraging the full suite of financial and business tools, businesses can streamline the invoice collection process and manage their cashflow with complete accuracy. This will allow businesses to focus on their core activities and drive growth with steady cashflow.

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