Meals Cooked By Robots: Croatian Restaurant Offers Food Cooked by Robotic Cookers with No Human Involvement

The world’s first restaurant to offer meals cooked by robots, BOTS&POTS Sci-Food bistro, has recently opened in Zagreb, Croatia. The restaurant is a unique endeavor that is experiencing plenty of curiosity and popularity in the area. The robotic chef can create around 70 different one pot meals, such as gnocchi with lamb, black risotto, and zucchini pasta.

BOTS&POTS Sci-Food bistro is a revolutionary concept and one that could be seen in other cities and countries in the future. The robotic cookers are loaded with fresh ingredients, and then the machines add oil and seasoning according to digital recipes created by a human chef. The robot does all the work with no human involvement at all.

This concept of robot-cooked meals differs from other restaurants, such as those that stir and fry chips and hamburgers, make pizzas, or serve and deliver meals. In addition, BOTS&POTS Sci-Food bistro is the first to offer freshly-made one-pot meals.

The idea of a robot taking over kitchen duties has stirred up much interest and debate. For those who don’t think robots should replace human chefs, it should be noted that digital recipe made by human chef is being used. The robot is simply following instructions and carrying out the job it was programmed to do.

From a business perspective, the robotic chef could help reduce costs and make the entire process more efficient and time-saving. The restaurant’s owners hope this concept catches on, and it will be interesting to see if it takes off.

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