Meta focused on investing on creation of a top-level product group on generative AI

Meta Platforms Inc., a leader in the chatbot industry, has announced the formation of a new top-level product group focused on generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) in order to stay competitive in the future. Ahmad Al-Dahle, a well-known executive in the machine-learning and AI space, will lead the group.

The group’s primary goal is to create AI-powered tools to be used in Meta’s messaging apps, such as WhatsApp and Messenger. Additionally, the technology will be used to create visual filters for photos and videos in platforms like Instagram. Zuckerberg also mentioned that the company is aiming to develop AI personas in order to help people in various ways.

The move comes at a time when the chatbot industry is becoming increasingly competitive and companies are competing to create the best AI-powered software. With the new product group, Meta is making a major investment in the field in order to stay ahead of the pack.

The new product group is an exciting development for developers and users alike. Generative AI is becoming more commonplace, and this new announcement from Meta will likely be an important step toward the future of AI-powered software. It is yet to be seen how this new product group will impact the industry, but it certainly looks like it is here to stay.

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