Microsoft plans new update seeing Google’s entering in AI search engines race

Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, is leaping into the future by integrating language-based artificial intelligence (AI). On Wednesday, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced that a new online search era is beginning: “It’s a new day for online search… The race starts today”. This move by Microsoft is the company’s attempt to challenge Google’s twenty-year dominance in the search engine market.

The AI bot ChatGPT has been the center of attention in the AI technology industry lately due to its popularity. Considering ofover 100 million users’ efforts to test the bot’s capabilities, ChatGPT has produced essays, speeches, and law exam results in seconds. This has caused concern for educators and school authorities, as there is a fear of cheating in the educational system.

Microsoft’s move to integrate language-based AI into its search engine could revolutionize how people use it, as the AI would be able to understand and answer queries more accurately and personally. For example, the AI could respond to natural language queries, such as “What can I do this weekend?” by providing relevant information to the user.

In addition, the AI could also give users recommendations based on past searches, offer detailed search results, and even help curate content. For example, if a user searches for a specific topic, the AI could provide a breakdown of the topic and related topics. This could help make searching the web easier and more efficient.

Overall, Microsoft’s move to integrate language-based AI into its search engine could greatly impact how people use search engines. With the AI’s capabilities, Microsoft hopes to give users an unprecedented experience while searching the web. It is yet to witness the real move, and it will surely be successful.

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