Microsoft UUP planned to deliver smaller and faster updates to on-premises Windows 11 22H2 devices from March

Microsoft is set to introduce a new update system called UUP (Unified Update Platform) on-premises to Windows 11 22H2 devices in March. UUP on premises is designed to work with Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) and Microsoft Configuration Manager, resulting in smaller and faster update delivery for business and enterprise clients.

The new update system promises a reduction of up to 30 percent in size for client downloads. However, before users can take advantage of this, they must first undertake a one-time download of up to 10GB. This is a large download that sysadmins must plan for.

Once the download is complete, the update process is expected to be significantly faster for subsequent updates. UUP on premises is designed to assist business and enterprise clients with updating their Windows 11 22H2 devices quickly and efficiently.

Microsoft has promised improved quality, security, and reliability through UUP on the premises. The company has also stated that the feature is available to all Windows 11 22H2 users across the world, regardless of channel or license type.

Ultimately, the new update system is designed to reduce the burden of update management for sysadmins while improving the security, reliability, and quality of Windows 11 updates for users.

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