Netflix’s New Anti-Password Sharing Policy To Force Users To Sign In Every Month

Netflix’s new anti-password sharing rules have recently been discovered, revealing that the platform is taking a hard stance against users who share passwords with non-family members.

In a now-removed page of the Netflix US Help Center, the company stated that users would be required to sign in to their accounts at least once every 30 days. Those who don’t meet this requirement will be blocked from accessing their profiles, even if they possess the correct password. This measure is intended to combat password sharing with non-family members.

The policy applies to all Netflix accounts, regardless of their pricing tier. This means subscribers of all levels, from Basic to Ultra HD, must adhere to the new rules. Netflix’s Terms of Use states that it is not permitted for non-family members to share the same account. However, until now, only a little has been done to enforce this.

The new policy is sure to be met with some criticism, as password sharing has become a common practice among many users. For example, college students often share passwords with roommates or close friends. It will be great to see how these new measures will be implemented in the real world on the next-generation users.

Netflix’s new rules underline the importance of creating unique passwords for each account. It’s also recommended that users enable two-factor authentication for added protection. The company has stated that users should contact customer service if they encounter any issues.

It’s clear that Netflix is taking the issue of password sharing seriously and is implementing measures to ensure that users have to pay for their accounts. This decision could significantly impact the streaming giant’s subscriber base.

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