Next-Gen Level 4 Automated Parking Technology: Unleashing by BMW and Valeo

BMW Group and Valeo have announced a new partnership that will take their long-existing relationship to the next level. The two companies signed up a co-development agreement to produce fully automated parking technologies up to Level 4.

Level 4 is a fully automated parking technology that requires no supervision or intervention from the driver. BMW and Valeo aim to create a high-end parking experience for customers on private grounds and public parking facilities.

The software functions for the automated parking technology will be based on the current automated parking software stack that was first launched with the BMW iX in 2021. This stack will be further extended with a more powerful computing platform that can host jointly developed algorithms.

The technological collaboration between BMW and Valeo is a significant step in the global automotive industry’s pursuit of automated parking technology. The partnership signals the potential of advanced autonomous driving technology and its potential to revolutionize the way people drive and park.

The two companies are taking the necessary steps in their strategic cooperation to ensure that the technology is efficient and reliable for widespread public use. They are also considering integrating the technology into existing infrastructure and public parking facilities.

Overall, BMW and Valeo’s partnership is an important step forward in developing automated parking technology. These companies are working together to provide a safe and efficient customer parking experience and usher in the next generation of automated driving.

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