Revolutionary Software Enables Non-Experts to Program Industrial Robots

The French developer Fuzzy Logic has released revolutionary software that allows non-experts to program and simulate industrial robots without any coding proficiency. Through Fuzzy Studio software, users are now able to create virtual cells and robotise their production at an affordable cost with little risk. This makes it possible to robotise small batches and complex parts, which were previously deemed too difficult and costly to automate.

Ryan Lober, the CEO of Fuzzy Logic, spoke of the importance of this software, saying: “Our ambition is to make industrial robotics accessible to a wider audience – such as for the production of small batches or unique parts – which are difficult to automate due to the high costs associated with complex robot programming. By democratising robotics, making it simple to program and simulate a robot for everyone, we make robotic automation feasible where it once seemed impossible.”

The software simplifies the process of automating production, making it easier and more accessible to businesses of all sizes, including those with small batches or complex parts. This will enable companies to dramatically reduce the costs associated with traditional robot programming, as well as increase the efficiency and accuracy of their automated production lines.

Fuzzy Studio is a significant development for the industrial sector, which will open up new opportunities for automation and reduce the barriers to entry for robot programming. It promises to revolutionise the way that companies automate their production, allowing them to do more with less and increase their profitability. It will also give smaller businesses the chance to compete by providing them with the same robotic automation capabilities as larger companies.

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