Shutterstock Reveals AI Image Generator with Ethical Focus

Shutterstock, the leading marketplace for stock images, has launched its newest AI-powered image generator, providing customers with an ethical and secure way to create stunning visuals.

Shutterstock’s AI image generator is designed to reduce the time and cost associated with sourcing images. It uses computer vision and deep learning technology to produce a variety of visuals in a few clicks, allowing users to create custom visuals in a fraction of the time. The AI generator also offers a variety of customizations, such as the ability to change colors, crop images, and adjust the text.

The AI generator also provides an ethical and secure solution for customers. Shutterstock has developed a “zero-tolerance policy” for images that contain offensive or inappropriate content. The company is also committed to ensuring that all images generated using its AI tool will respect copyright and comply with international laws.

Shutterstock is confident that its AI image generator will revolutionize the way customers source images. “Our AI image generator is specifically designed for busy creative professionals, who need quality visuals in just a few clicks,” said the company’s CEO, Jon Oringer. “We want to ensure that customers can access the highest quality visuals without breaking the law or violating copyright.”

The launch of Shutterstock’s AI image generator is yet another example of the company’s commitment to ethical innovation. The company has already implemented ethical policies and procedures, such as prohibiting its AI tools from creating images of violence and hate.

The AI generator is a significant milestone for Shutterstock, as it is the company’s first AI platform to be released to the public. The tool is available on the company’s website and is free to use.

Shutterstock hopes its AI image generator will revolutionize how customers source images and provide a secure, ethical solution. The company’s commitment to ethical innovation and secure AI technology will benefit its customers in the coming years.

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