Stellantis Expands Software Development and Engineering Network with New Facility in Poland

Stellantis, one of the largest automakers in the world, is expanding its software development and engineering network with a new facility in Poland, Europe. The new hub, located in the southwestern city of Gliwice near the automaker’s Tychy factory, will employ up to 300 people and contribute to Stellantis’ software-driven strategy.

Software is increasingly important in modern vehicles, with carmakers investing in research and expanding their executive teams to provide more features related to connectivity, data, and e-commerce. Stellantis has set an ambitious goal of generating 20 billion euros in incremental annual revenues by 2030 with its software-driven strategy.

The new hub will provide additional software development resources to Stellantis’s existing European technical operations. This will allow the company to continue developing advanced software for its vehicles, giving customers more options for in-vehicle connectivity, data analysis, and e-commerce.

The new hub will also allow Stellantis to remain competitive in the rapidly changing automotive industry. With software being a major factor in modern cars, the company is looking to stay ahead of the curve by having more resources available for software development.

Overall, Stellantis’ new hub in Poland is an exciting development that will provide the company with more resources in its software-driven strategy. It will also help Stellantis stay ahead of the competition in the rapidly changing automotive industry while giving customers more options for their vehicles.

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