Tesla News: Company Recalls 363 Thousand Vehicles Over Self-Driving Software Glitch

Tesla has issued a voluntary recall of nearly 363,000 electric vehicles equipped with its controversial “Full Self-Driving Beta” (FSD) technology. The recall affects a range of Model S, Model X, Model 3, and Model Y Tesla autos between 2016 and 2023.

As per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the FSD Beta system may allow vehicles to act unsafe around intersections. This could include not stopping at stop signs or running an orange light. Such risk-taking maneuvers could infringe upon local traffic laws or customs, increasing the risk of a collision if the driver does not intervene.

In response to the NHTSA report, Tesla has promised that the recall will repair the problems with the FSD system. While Tesla has yet to specify the exact nature of the repairs, they have stated that they are working to ensure that the cars are properly calibrated and that the system is working as intended.

In addition to the recall, NHTSA has advised Tesla drivers to stay vigilant and be prepared to take control of their vehicles at all times. They also suggest drivers pay extra attention to obey traffic rules, including stopping at stop signs and avoiding orange lights. Tesla has also warned drivers that the FSD Beta system must be approved for production and only be used in a supervised environment.

Tesla has been under increasing scrutiny over the safety of its vehicles, with complaints about its autopilot system appearing in recent months. As the company continues refining and updating its technology, regulators, and consumers are watching to ensure that the cars are safe and functioning as intended. For the time being, Tesla drivers should be aware of the recall and take necessary precautions while using their cars.

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