Trade financing platform Marco announced a $200 million credit facility and $8m equity funding

Trade finance firm Marco has recently announced a major financing package, which includes a $200 million credit facility and $8.2 million in equity funding. Arcadia Funds led the round, and MidCap Financial and Castlelake provided the credit facility. This major injection of capital will be used to support Marco’s mission to close the global trade finance gap, which disproportionately affects small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs).

Marco is utilizing proprietary risk models to process data in real-time and assess risk, as well as to mitigate capital loss. This allows the company to provide liquidity and tools to SMEs in the U.S. and Latin America, even during bear market cycles.

The financing package is a major step forward for Marco, as it will allow the company to expand its reach, providing more solutions to businesses seeking financing for their trade activities. Additionally, the new funding will likely lead to more innovations from the company as it continues developing new technologies for assessing risk and providing liquidity.

The global trade finance gap has been a major issue for many years, and the current climate has only worsened it. According to the International Finance Corporation, the global economic downturn due to the pandemic has led to a massive reduction in trade finance available to SMEs. This has resulted in many businesses needing help to access the capital they need to survive and thrive.

With its new funding, Marco is well-positioned to tackle this issue head-on. The company utilizes proprietary technology to create innovative solutions to help SMEs access the financing and tools they need. In addition, Marco is also working with partners to provide financing to businesses in emerging markets, which traditional lenders often overlook.

The injection of capital is sure to have a huge impact on the trade finance industry. Marco will now be able to expand its reach and continue to develop its technology. This could benefit countless SMEs around the globe, providing them with the capital and tools they need to succeed.

Ultimately, Marco’s new funding package is a cause for celebration for the trade finance industry. The company’s innovative solutions and commitment to helping small and medium-sized businesses could prove to be hugely beneficial. As the global economy continues to recover, Marco’s new financing package will only help to further strengthen the sector

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