UExtreme Extends Network Fabric to the Edge with Enhanced SD-WAN

Organizations everywhere are becoming increasingly distributed, and the shift of applications to the cloud has created a need for connectivity that unifies datacentre, branch, campus, and cloud networks. In response to this growing demand, cloud networking company Extreme Networks has integrated network fabric capabilities into its ExtremeCloud SD-WAN platform.

The new capabilities enable customers to connect disparate environments from within a single platform securely, quickly set up new facilities, focused on to identify and solve the network disruption issues, and improve application performance. These advancements come with several added benefits, including automated workflows, user experiences, and 10Gbps throughput that can help to lower operating costs and reduce mean time to resolution.

These changes affect the healthcare industry as providers must manage multiple remote clinics. Schools, too, face new challenges as growing districts must deliver connectivity for new buildings or temporary classrooms. For retailers with store locations worldwide, the platform can provide more secure and efficient management.

Extreme Networks’ enhanced SD-WAN platform responds to the ever-increasing threat blanket in wide-area networks and presents a viable solution for companies of all sizes. By unifying disparate networks, the platform can help to create a more secure, efficient, and cost-effective environment for businesses to operate in.

For organizations looking to gain the benefits of an integrated network fabric, ExtremeCloud SD-WAN has the tools necessary to get the job done. From automated workflows to improved application performance, the platform is well-suited for the modern needs of an increasingly distributed business.

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