US Navy Ordered AML3D ARCEMY X-Edition 6700 Metal 3D Printers to Produce Complex Parts of US Navy’s submarines

The US Navy has taken a big step forward in embracing the potential of 3D printing technology with the announcement that they have placed an order for an advanced metal 3D printer from AML3D. The ARCEMY X-Edition 6700 metal 3D printing system, priced at 697,800 USD, has been purchased to support the Navy’s procurement of on-demand parts.

The new metal 3D printer can produce complex, high-quality parts at an unprecedented speed. It uses a patented Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) process to build metal parts layer by layer, adding powdered metal as it goes along. This process is significantly faster than traditional 3D printing methods, with potentially much greater accuracy and repeatability.

The ARCEMY X-Edition 6700 metal 3D printer will enable the US Navy to manufacture parts on demand, with potentially radical implications on how the Navy procures and stores parts. With the ability to produce complex parts on demand, there will be no need to stockpile parts in anticipation of future needs. This could result in significant savings for the Navy and a reduction in the storage space needed to store parts.

In addition to being used by the US Navy, the ARCEMY X-Edition 6700 metal 3D printer could also have applications in other sectors. The defense sector is one obvious example, with the ability to rapidly produce bespoke parts for military vehicles, aircraft, and vessels. However, the technology could also prove useful in other automotive, aerospace, and medical industries.

The US Navy’s decision to invest in the ARCEMY X-Edition 6700 metal 3D printer underlines the potential of 3D printing technology. This could be the first step towards a future where 3D printing is commonplace, providing highly accurate parts and components on demand.

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