Volkswagen Facing Possible Recalls After Emissions Lawsuit Defeat

Volkswagen has been hit with a possible recall of up to 10 million cars in Europe following a lawsuit defeat in which environmental group Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH) accused the KBA federal motor authority of releasing cars with illegal exhaust gas recirculation software. The lawsuit was recently lost by the KBA, leading to potential recalls for certain Volkswagen Golf diesel models.

The lawsuit, originally filed in mid-2018, alleged that the KBA had allowed the release of Volkswagen Golf diesel models with software manipulation to emissions mechanisms. The software was designed to deceive emissions tests and promote the sale of cars without ensuring they met the necessary environmental standards. This led to far higher emissions than had been previously reported.

The results of this lawsuit could have major implications for Volkswagen, and other carmakers such as BMW, VW and Mercedes, which could potentially also face recalls of up to 10 million cars in Europe. This is because the DUH is currently in the process of preparing further lawsuits against these carmakers. If successful, these further lawsuits could mean that the cars in question would be recalled for modifications to meet emissions standards.

The cost to Volkswagen, if the potential recall is successful, could be huge. Not only would there be a financial cost, but the reputation of Volkswagen could be further damaged after the ‘dieselgate’ scandal in 2015.

The DUH is not just seeking a recall of the cars in question; it is also asking for a structural change in the automotive industry, in which there is closer monitoring and stricter enforcement of emissions standards. This could lead to wider implications for the entire industry and the way in which cars are regulated in the future.

It is yet to be seen what the outcome of this lawsuit will be, and whether Volkswagen and the other carmakers in question will face recalls. It is clear, however, that the results of this lawsuit could have major implications for the automotive industry and its regulation of emissions.

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