WhatsApp, Spotify, Instagram: How the AI Race is Transforming Everyday Apps on Your Phone

The release of ChatGPT late November last year shook up the entire tech industry, with its endless abilities ranging from writing essays to generating code. But perhaps what many people have grossly underestimated is how quickly it is affecting the way companies use technology to enhance their products.

As the AI race intensifies, tech companies are rushing to incorporate similar technology into their products to stay relevant. As a result, the apps you already have on your phone such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and Spotify are transforming to keep up with the trend.

WhatsApp, for example, is leveraging AI to detect suspicious or abusive behaviour on its platform. The chat app’s AI-enabled features also include automated responses, conversation summarization, and intelligent content suggestions.

Instagram has also leveraged AI to enhance its photo-sharing platform, with features such as automatic face recognition, object detection, and image filtering. AI is also being used to personalise content for users, such as suggested posts and curated stories.

Spotify is leveraging AI to help users discover new music. The music streaming service is using AI to create personalized playlists for its users, as well as to suggest new music based on an individual’s listening habits.

The AI race is transforming the way everyday apps are used, and it’s important for companies to stay ahead of the curve. By leveraging AI, companies can create more personalized and engaging experiences for their users, and ensure that their products remain relevant in this rapidly changing landscape.

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